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2016 Beta 480 RR Ride Review

Hey guys got to have a ride of Barrys 2016 Beta 480 RR over the weekend.
The bike felt very light and nimble for such a big bore 4T the front was very predicable and easy to change direction quickly, it feels nice and narrow across the tank/seat area. The power is great nice and strong pulling right from idle all the way smoothly through the power range it picks up speed very quickly, great low down torque to pull you out of any corner weather your in the right gear or not. The suspension felt good as did the brakes, but I only had a few laps on our test track with the bike. Would happily recommend them to anyone it was a just such a nice bike to ride I would happily ride one all day. It would be interesting to have one to try in some really nasty hard terrain to see how it performed next to my current bike a 2014 Husqvarna TE250.


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