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Moto-master Brake Review

Well guys I’ve just fitted some new brakes to the Husky after some reading and researching I got onto Moto Master they are a European company from Netherlands which have been manufacturing braking components since 1997.

I have opted for their Oversize 270mm Floating front disc and Flame rear rotor with Sinter Pro Racing GP pads front and rear.

I carried out the bed in procedure as per their instructions while doing some trail riding after about 100-150 or so km’s I started leaning on them pretty hard, I am someone who like strong brakes and these did not disappoint at all.

Front brake The front braking power is awesome, I used to brake with 2 fingers on the front going down big hills to avoid getting out of control it is now an effortless 1 finger pull on the front their isn’t and more force needed which has also helped improve me handle bar grip as I now have an extra finger holding on, there strong and progressive response makes them very easy to use and instills confidence.

The Rear Brake The rear brake is much the same as the front it is strong and progressive with a lot more feel then I feel I had with the stock setup I would definitely run this same setup again on my future bikes.

I was a little worried initially with the oversize front disc being a target for large rocks and roots to hit but I rode over 150km on the weekend that included some very nasty rocks roots logs stumps everything possible and did not hit the disc once on any of them so the worry I had was short lived.

We also rode some very long steep downhills and did not get any kind of brake fade from front or rear, there was no squealing or any other type of weird noises or behavior from them

There were 2 close calls from the weekend where the brakes stopped me just in time, preventing me from some decent crashes.

If you were unaware these kits are also listed as part of KTM’s hard parts catalogue.

If you are in the market for some new discs or pads Moto-master are definitely worth a look at.


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