Bills Pipe Review

Hey guys as some of you know I went with a BILLS MX2 WORKS PIPE.
After a good ride on the weekend I did a bit of everything, some steep rock, sandy flowing trail some high speed stuff. The pipe performed really well with an increase across the entire rev range, there was no noticeable loss of power anywhere.

The Hyde pipe guard bolted up to the pipe so that saved me having to purchase another guard. The small bend of the pipe is further away from the starter then the stock pipe which will help as I have already bent the stock pipe in a small crash which crushed the starter cover.

The pipe was easy to mount the only negative I could think of is it would have been good to get 2 new O-rings with the pipe as my originals were dead .

It took one good hit as you may have seen in the last ride video and held up great!

If you are after a new pipe these are definitely worth a look, they are all hand made in the US.

  I went with the works pipe as I like how they look, they do take a little more maintenance, so  if you not into that the nickel would be the better option.

These are only avalilable in Australia from Robert at Qld offroad tyres.

Robs Facebook Page

Qld Offroad tyres Website

Here is a video from their factory in USA showing them being made if you are interested.
Bills factory video