How to pivot turn

This is not the only way this is just how I learned.
Hi guys, this time we are doing a how to pivot turn video. This is similar to the wheelie technique, you can click the link above to watch that video.
They are very similar to the wheelie so you want to have a good grasp of that before you try these.

You start off the same as a wheelie with few small changes. We are doing left pivot turns here so you want your butt off the left of the seat and as soon as the front wheel comes up into the air you want to drop your weight left using your bum and left shoulder and also start turning the handle bars at the same time. You can use your left foot to help stabilize the rotation but you need to keep your weight to the left of the bike so it keeps rotating that way, from there it’s just a combination of rear brake, clutch and throttle to maintain the wheel in the air as long as your weight stays to the left it will just keep turning.

Be aware that it will want to rotate the other way some times when you put the front wheel back down. Right pivot turns are a little more tricky it’s the same technique but you do not have your foot to cover the rear brake. Pivot turns are great for tight stuff where you need to move the front wheel to a new line or if you need to turn around on a trail or zig zag up a steep hill.

The easier they become the more you will use them. Thanks for watching see you next time!
Thanks Guys