How to Nose wheelie

Hi we're onto nose wheelies start with some flat ground and a slow pace you don’t want to end up on your head.
Come into it with you weight rear on the bike and 2 fingers of the front brake hold on tight with your knees as you move your weight forward apply a medium amount of front brake at the same time as you pull upwards with your knees and move your weight forward once the rear wheel comes off the ground release the front brake again, and try and get used of this feeling.

You can also try compressing the rear suspension and use the rear rebound to help get the rear wheel off the ground, when it does come into the air keep your weight back and use it along with the front brake to balance the bike and control how high the rear wheel stays in the air.
The closer to balance point you get the less brake you will require but be careful once you go past balance point there is really no way back you will need to try and eject over the handle bars and escape the bike chasing you into the ground.

Thanks for watching, see you next time.
Thanks Guys